Shannon Kane, Nathan Lane Residential Manger with Paul!

Shannon Kane – Spotlight and Highlight

Shannon Kane, Nathan Lane Residential Manger with Paul!

What is one of your favorite memories about your house?

I think my favorite memory so far has been the first birthday I was here for. My youngest individual had a birthday in December and he just enjoyed the gifts, meal cake and was able to have another individual of to his house so much.

What is one of your favorite activities to do with the folks?

I think participating in meal times when everyone is sitting together and enjoying home-cooked food.

Shannon Kane is one of newest Residential Managers at In Flight, Inc. and we are so grateful to have her. She manages our Nathan Lane Residential Program in Columbia County, NY.

Why did you join In Flight?

I was in the field at a different organization and was looking to leave them. When I interviewed Marissa and Becky, during a walk-in interview, I got very good vibes and liked what they had to say. When Becky and I set up a meet and greet at Nathan Lane, I was very surprised that it was on a Saturday. I was thinking an Assistant Residential Director is coming in on a weekend? Then Becky told me that she was working a shift at one of the other houses later that day!

How did you get into this field?

I worked at another organization for more than 3 decades and thought that switching to adults would make sense in the natural progression of my career.

What is your favorite part of your job?

I think my favorite part of the job is watching the individuals enjoy interacting with their favorite staff. I enjoy seeing DSPs actually being involved with the individuals.

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