Our History

In Flight, Inc. is a nonprofit organization that empowers people to strive for the best quality of life in a supportive environment. This has always been the vision of In Flight and continues to be the basis of the entire organization through its service programs. These programs teach new skills in communication, socialization, volunteerism, and employment that form the building blocks to be as independent and financially sustainable as possible.

In 1993, an influx of people needing Medicaid assistance boomed across the United States. Noticing the lack of available services in the Hudson Valley region of New York State, In Flight decided to take action. Therefore, we switched from being a Medicaid service coordination agency to providing programs for those with disabilities to address the growing need for programming.

As time passed and the population grew, so did In Flight’s service area. This includes coverage in Ulster, Dutchess, Columbia, and Greene counties, providing a full range of services to promote independence for people with disabilities.

Innovative Programing

Through various partnerships, In Flight has been an active leader to progress advocacy, collaboration, policies, and legislation in the field of human services. In fact, In Flight is a founding member and equity partner of HVSP. Additionally, In Flight returned to its roots to help fill in program gaps with the start-up and launch of LifePlan CCO, LLC. This was in response to the states initiative to promote conflict free Medicaid service and coordination.

For over 30 years, In Flight has been an innovator of developmental achievement. Continuously, In Flight is always assessing the need for support to obtain independence. In Flight created In Flight’s Success Academy for Independent Living. This program provides an additional support layer to the skills learned in other programing. This includes residential, pre-vocational, and supported employment programs. However, the Academy takes an additional focus on job retention. This unique program addresses the barriers to living independently and financial sustainability, promoting additional steps toward independence.

Our Future

As time continues, In Flight will continue to assess the needs of people with I/DD. Creating additional, innovative programming to empower independence. Alongside the community, we will create a world where everyone can strive for the best quality of life.

Let us come together to create a better future for our community. You can make a difference in the lives of those with intellectual and developmental disabilities.