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At In Flight, Inc., we understand the importance of providing support not only to individuals with intellectual disabilities, but also to their families who tirelessly care for them day in and day out. That's why we offer Respite Services, a vital lifeline for families seeking a well-deserved break from their care-giving responsibilities.

Respite is a personalized, one-to-one service that coordinates our trained Direct Support Professionals (DSPs) to ensure continuity of care for individuals with intellectual disabilities of all ages. Whether it's a parent needing a few hours to recharge or a caregiver requiring a longer respite period, our Respite Services offer flexibility to accommodate varying needs.

Our compassionate DSPs are adept at providing care and support tailored to the unique preferences and requirements of each individual. Whether it's assisting with daily tasks, engaging in recreational activities, or simply providing companionship, our team ensures that every moment spent during Respite is enriching and fulfilling for the individual receiving care.

In Flight's Respite Services are available to family members of both children and adults with intellectual disabilities who reside at home throughout our four-county service area. Our commitment to delivering face-to-face support ensures that families can rest assured knowing their loved ones are in capable and caring hands.

Group Respite

In addition to one-to-one at home Respite Services, we offer Group Respite through our theater program in collaboration with Standing Room Only Theater Company. SRO P.L.U.S. (Performing. Learning. United for Success) is an integrated theater program focusing on people with developmental disabilities but open to all. Theater classes and games, along with full productions help build social skills, confidence, creativity, and artistic skills.

In Need of Services?

Contact us today to learn more about how our Respite Services can provide the support and relief your family deserves. Let us be your partner in ensuring the well-being and happiness of both individuals with intellectual disabilities and their dedicated caregivers.