Supportive Apartments
In Flight Inc

Discover the essence of independence with In Flight's residential services program, specifically designed to cater to adults with intellectual and developmental disabilities. Our focus extends to Supportive Apartments situated in Kingston and Hudson, New York.

Our primary objective is to empower individuals with disabilities to lead lives marked by independence and fulfillment. In our Supportive Apartments, residents are encouraged to embrace a self-directed lifestyle, engaging in activities that align with their personal preferences. Whether it's cooking, playing sports, enjoying movies, or pursuing hobbies, our residents are at the forefront of their own choices.

Aligned with the principles of the Home and Community Based Services (H.C.B.S.) waiver, our efforts are dedicated to fostering maximum independence for each individual. As residents gain autonomy, the level of direct support is gradually reduced. This includes honing essential life skills such as budgeting, cooking, and maintaining a clean living space.

Our commitment extends beyond the living space, as residents are encouraged to maintain employment independently or through our Supportive Employment program under the I-SAIL Program. Furthermore, Direct Support Professionals are readily available to offer assistance and ensure support if needed in various skills.

Additionally, to reinforce these skills, In Flight provides additional programs like Day Habilitation, I-SAIL, and Community Habilitation. These programs serve as platforms for continuous skill development, promoting a holistic approach to independence.

In addressing barriers to independence, In Flight pioneers innovative solutions. Studies identify challenges such as personal safety, lack of household skills, and medication management. We constantly explore inventive ways to overcome these barriers, ensuring a supportive environment for all residents.

Support Successes

The success of our mission relies on the support of the community. We welcome donations and partnerships with corporate entities for community integration experiences. Join us in creating opportunities for individuals to thrive independently. Contact us today to share potential community integration opportunities and be a part of the journey toward a more inclusive and independent future.