Pre-Vocational Services

In Flight's Pre-Vocational program is accepting referrals for adults with developmental disabilities in the Catskill, NY and Red Hook, NY areas, or those able to transport to these locations. Other areas are welcome to contact us about a wait list for when we are able to expand our services.

Pre-Vocational Services


According to Pathways to Employment, on an annual basis, out of 1,000 people with intellectual and developmental disabilities who transition to competitive employment, 800 will lose their jobs due to a number of practical reasons including the inability to master job skills (18%). In Flight's Pre-Vocational services strive to lessen this statistic.

Pre-Vocational services provide learning and work experience, including volunteer work, where an individual can develop general, non-job specific strengths and skills. This community based program enhances the qualifications for paid employment and integrated community settings.

This program is a vital stepping stone to competitive community employment. It enables those who need extra assistance building job-related skills and professional work habits to do so. Under the umbrella of I-SAIL, individuals who qualify will be provided with learning and work experiences to address the barriers to obtaining and maintaining employment by providing support in:

  • Interest Assessment
  • Interview Preparations
  • Interviewing Skills
  • Job Skills/Tasks
  • Time Management
  • Dealing with Co-Workers
  • Volunteerism
  • Enrolling in SEMP

As these skills grow and ready an individual for employment, our Supported Employment program can provided a safe stepping stone into community employment.

How can you help:

In need of volunteers? Interested in providing an amazing opportunity to your fellow community members? Become a Community Partner! Learn more about the mutually beneficial partnership of opening your doors to our Pre-Vocational Program.