May's Triumphs

Reflecting on May’s Triumphs and June’s Exciting Events

May was a busy month for everyone a part of In Flight and our community. Our SRO PLUS performed their first production of Finding Nemo Jr. beautifully. Red Hook I-SAIL Program’s Pop Up Shop welcomed multiple community members and raised $250 towards their program. And, with the help of our community, we were able to raise $3,610 on Hudson Valley Gives. Truly, May’s triumphs are a joint effort between the people we support, our staff, and our community; connecting people of all abilities across the Hudson Valley.

June is expected to follow right along side May’s triumphs. Our Make a House a Home volunteer day is set for June 13th, bringing together our community again in an effort to beautify our Residential Programs. We will also be participating in the Hudson Flag Day Parade and ThinkDIFFERENTLY Fitness and Field.

In Flight’s May Success and June’s Upcoming Events

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Finding Nemo is a Swimming Success

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Finding Nemo Jr. is a Swimming Success!

On May 13th, In Flight and Standing Room Only’s SRO P.L.U.S. (Performing. Learning. United for Success) all abilities theater group performed their first full production. For almost eight months, our dedicated and talented performers practiced at Standing Room Only Theater Company’s location in Lagrangeville, NY to perfect their rendition of Finding Nemo, Jr.

Performing to a crowd of almost 200 members of our community, including their family, friends, and staff, our performers captivated the audience with their musical talents and buddy comedy. The historic Cunneen-Hackett Theater, located in Poughkeepsie, NY, was the perfect location to hold everyone, including those who needed accessibility accommodations to see the show. Throughout, every aspect of this performance encompassed inclusivity for all abilities.

Read more about the performance, learn about the cast, and watch videos of their amazing performance.


Open House and Pop-Up Shop!

Our recent ISAIL Open House and Pop-Up shop at our Red Hook location on May 7th was a remarkable success, thanks to the overwhelming support or our community and partners. Over four hours, we welcomed numerous community members and friends who enthusiastically engaged with our participants and their handmade creations.

Throughout the event, our participants took turns showcasing their talents, selling homemade candles and cookies. The result? A fantastic $250 raised for our program!

LEARN MORE about the success of our program and our participants as they venture into being true entrepreneurs.

Help us Make a House a Home – June 13th

Join us for “Make a House a Home,” a volunteer day initiative. This event is part of our year-long celebration of connecting people of all abilities across the Hudson Valley. On June 13th, our participants, administrative team, and neighbors will transform the outdoor spaces of our Residential Programs.

However, our outdoor spaces are currently not as welcoming as they could be, preventing our residents from fully enjoying their decks and backyards. By planting flowers in pots or beds, we aim to encourage our residents to use these outdoor spaces, bringing comfort and color into their homes. Additionally, this project will provide our residents with the joy and purpose of gardening, offering them the opportunity to care for these flowers.

Able To Help?

We are still looking for pots and other supplies in addition to flowers. We also can use any helping hand in our efforts. If you are interested in participating in some way, either in-kind donations or volunteering your time, please contact Lily Schaub.

Donate in Support!

Jean Harpp –

In Flight Staff Spotlight!

Jean Harpp has been a part of In Flight’s Family for over 24 years! We have been lucky to have her on our team throughout the years, juggling many positions that are crucial for our continuous growth.


Outstanding Team Member of the Month!

Nicholas Mattice – Training Coordinator

Nick has consistently demonstrated exceptional performance in his role as Training Coordinator. His hard work, dedication, and attitude have made a significant impact on all our teams and continue to contribute to the company’s success.

In addition to his teaching skills, Nick is also a great team player. He always goes out of his way to help others, and his positive attitude and sense of humor have made a real difference in the workplace. He never says no, he steps up without asking and he continually strives to improve the learning experience for all our staff.

He is a true asset to our organization and In Flight is lucky to have you!

Thank you for Your Support!

On May 15th, In Flight participated in the Hudson Valley’s big day of giving – Hudson Valley Gives. With the help of our community members and staff, we were able to raise $3,610 towards our initiatives!

We cannot thank everyone enough for their efforts to bridge our community, connecting people of all abilities across the Hudson Valley. Everyone who shared their stories, shared a social post, or donated directly to our campaign is helping us break down the barriers and championing for inclusion so every person’s potential is recognized and valued.

Missed out? Learn more about our year long campaign to connect people of all abilities across the Hudson Valley and our current initiatives to do so.

Read More

Find us out in the Community!

Find us marching in the Hudson Flag Day Parade on June 8th! The parade sets off at 4 pm this Saturday.

We’ll be tabling at the 4th Annual ThinkDIFFERENTLY Fitness & Field Day on June 27th at Bowdoin Park. Stop by and say hi!









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