ISAIL Pop-Up Shop

Amazing Turn Out and Success At ISAIL Open House

Our recent ISAIL Open House and Pop-Up Shop at our Red Hook location on May 7th was a remarkable success, thanks to the overwhelming support of our community and partners. It was wonderful to see our friends at the Red Hook Community Center and National Bank of Coxsackie, showing their support. Over four hours, we welcomed numerous community members and friends who enthusiastically engaged with our participants and their handmade creations.

Throughout the event, our participants took turns showcasing their talents, selling homemade candles and cookies. The result? A fantastic $250 raised for our program! This generous contribution will be instrumental in enhancing our community integration activities for the upcoming summer, as envisioned by our ISAIL manager.

One of the highlights of the day was the opportunity for our participants to practice their entrepreneurial and communication skills. From operating cash registers to interacting with customers, they gained invaluable hands-on experience. Crafting candles and baking cookies not only honed their artisan skills but also taught them about budgeting and pricing—important lessons in entrepreneurship.

Moreover, beyond the financial success, this event was about learning and growth. Each interaction and sale was a lesson in customer service and teamwork. The smiles on everyone’s faces, whether they were purchasing items, meeting our participants, or learning about our program, reflected the positive impact of this experience.

At In Flight’s ISAIL Academy, every activity is an opportunity for personal and professional development. The success of our Open House and Pop-Up Shop reaffirms our commitment to empowering individuals with intellectual and developmental disabilities. We look forward to more enriching experiences and community connections in the future!

Thank you to everyone who joined us and supported our participants. Together, we are making a meaningful difference—one candle and cookie at a time. Here’s to more successes ahead!

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