Jean Harpp

Spotlight and Highlight – Jean Harpp

Jean Harpp has been a part of our In Flight Family for over 24 out of our 30 years! We have been lucky to have her on our team throughout the years, juggling many positions that are crucial for our continuous growth. Learn more about Jean Harpp and her story at In Flight:

Why did you join In Flight?

I joined In Flight in 2000 as a billing clerk in the Finance Department after I had been approached by a friend letting me know that a position in the Fiance Department was open. I thought it would be interesting to be working in finance for a nonprofit agency like In Flight and was excited to get the opportunity to learn various aspects of the department as my role became more involved. Furthermore, I thought it would be a perfect fit while juggling my busy family life to be able to work close to home.

What do you do at In Flight?

My current position at In Flight is Executive Assistant to the CEO and Clinical Services Assistant. I manage scheduling and minute-taking for meetings, work on special projects, and tasked with all administrative duties for both the CEO and VP of Clinical Services. I also serve as the Liaison to In Flight’s Board of Directors.

Briefly describe a day at your position.

My day begins with prioritizing and responding to emails. I check the CEO and VP of Clinical Services calendars for upcoming meetings for the day and prepare accordingly. Additionally, I take care of tracking for the Nursing Department, which I update and monitor daily. I attend committee meetings and often travel to programs to review the nursing books with the nursing staff. Each day brings forth a diversity of tasks which makes my job far from boring!

How did you get into this field?

I graduated with a BS degree in Computer Science and at the time I was working as a manager of a restaurant/catering hall. Mathematics was always my favorite subject throughout school and decided that once I started my family, the restaurant field would not be a good fit. In Flight allowed me to use my knowledge of bookkeeping and my degree to work doing what I love most, working with numbers!

What is your favorite part of your job?

My favorite part of my job is knowing that although I do not work directly with the people we serve, working in administration allows me to support and help our people in a different way. I have worked in many departments in administration which has given me the opportunity to have a better understanding of how In Flight operates. I am happy to have the opportunity to provide support to both the CEO and VP of Clinical Services and enjoy working alongside each of them! Additionally, I find joy knowing that the people we serve are all a part of the In Flight family and it is nice to feel a part of their family as well!

How has In Flight helped you towards your professional goals?

In Flight has given me the opportunity to utilize my creativity, computer skills, and college education throughout my career while enjoying watching our people grow and receive the loving support the deserve. During my 24 years of working at In Flight, I have learned many aspects of services we provide and have found it a rewarding place to work!

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