Teresa Stivala

Staff Spotlight and Highlight – Teresa Stivala

Teresa Stivala, Vice President of Human Resources, has been a vital part of our In Flight Family since 2010. By leading and overseeing the organizations HR functions, Teresa plays a strategic role in In Flight’s continuity.

Why did you join In Flight?

In February 2019 I was working for another company that did business with In Flight and I was sent here as a consultant to help In Flight get into compliance with Human Resources issues. It was my first time ever working for a nonprofit. In May 2010, when I was offered to come on full-time, I accepted the opportunity because I really enjoyed what I was doing and felt I could make a difference.

What do you do at In Flight?

As the Vice President of Human Resources, I lead and oversee the organization’s HR function. I play a strategic role in developing and implementing HR plans, policies, and initiatives that align with the company’s vision and mission.

Briefly describe a day at your position

After answering emails and calls, most of my day is spent in meeting or working with other departments on issues that require my attention. But if you ask anyone who is in our building, they might say they hear me laughing a lot. We do try and have fun in the HR office.

How did you get into this field?

I say this all the time, HR found me especially since I was thinking about becoming a Teacher. At many of my other office jobs, co-workers would always come to me for advice or help. Then, soon management noticed and asked me to step into a management position which led to me concentrate on learning about Labor Laws and ways to improve things for staff.

What is your favorite part of your job?

Meeting new people. When I have an idea, no matter how crazy, the ability to have others listen to see if we as a company can make it happen. Most importantly, the people I work with. I have an amazing team and amazing peers.

How has In Flight helped you towards your professional goals?

In Flight has allowed me the ability and opportunity to take as many trainings as possible that I need to stay on top of the ever changing laws, not only in NY State but Federal Laws that could affect our staff. Since I have been here, I was able to take my SHRM certification, a People Manager certification, and I am currently enrolled in a specialty certification for People Analytics and looking to take another certification to continue my professional growth.

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