Rachel Rappa

Rachel Rappa – Highlight and Spotlight

Meet Rachel Rappa, our Accounting Associate in our esteemed Finance Department. Working closely with our Chief Financial Officer, Nevena Ilcheva, Rachel experiences a variety of tasks to keep In Flight running smoothly.

Why did you join In Flight?

I joined In Flight in April of 2021. I wanted to learn a different side of accounting, and working at a nonprofit interested me. Plus, once I was interviewed, I knew on the spot that I was going to love my finance team!

What do you do at In Flight?

I am an Accounting Associate on the Finance team. I help our CFO with a variety of tasks. Whatever she needs me to do, I’m there! I also help our finance team, whether it’s processing payroll with our payroll clerk or taking part in auditing a manager’s books.

What is a typical day at your position?

Each day is a little different for me, but I usually start by reviewing some emails and my calendar to see if I have any meetings or audits scheduled for the day. Then I will start on any work that is given to me by our CFO or team members. If it’s a payroll Monday, I usually am hunkered down at my desk coordinating with our payroll clerk to help process payroll.

How did you get into this field?

I actually wanted to go to school to be a veterinarian but realized pretty quickly science was not for me! My mother is an accountant and I decided to follow in her footsteps since I was familiar with the terminology and work that goes along with being an accountant. In 2019, I started a junior account at a CPA firm. I realized the work there was repetitive and I wanted to expand my knowledge in accounting. I saw an ad for this position and thought this would be a great opportunity for me!

What is your favorite part of your job?

My favorite part of the job is getting to interact with a bunch of different people from different departments here.

Nevena Ilcheva and Rachel Rappa
Nevena Ilcheva, CFO, and Rachel Rappa, Accounting Associate, volunteering at In Flight’s Golf Tournament

How has In Flight helped you towards your professional goals?

I have been here at In Flight for three years now and I have learned so much. Every day is different, and I am exposed to something new all the time professionally. What I am most pleased with though, is working for a company that does something good for the community.

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