Meaghan Dressel - In Flight's Staff Spotlight

Meaghan Dressel – Staff Spotlight and Highlight

Meet Meaghan Dressel, In Flight’s Quality Assurance Manager! Meaghan is a vital member of our In Flight administrative team, ensuring the safety of those we support.

Why did you join In Flight?

After working for years with an agency where I was strictly in the residential department, I joined the In Flight Inc. team in 2015. Although I valued my time working in residential, my passion has always been for Law. When the opportunity to grow my knowledge and experience in the compliance department presented itself, I jumped at it!

What do you do at In Flight?

Currently, my title is Quality Assurance Manager. My duties include conducting internal investigations and internal audits. I also assist the Justice Center with some of their investigations and Chair our Human Rights Committee.

Briefly describe a day at your position?

My office is located in the Ghent Administration building. When I arrive, if anyone is outside, I’ll greet them, which always gets my day off to a good start. Once I’m settled, I’ll start reviewing my emails, Therap, and our Incident Management System. If an internal audit is scheduled, I’ll go to the program and conduct the audit.

How did you get into this field?

I’ve always wanted to help people and working with this population creates a truly rewarding experience for me. One of my best friends is a special education teacher and I’ve always admired the work she does. It all started with a gentleman who attends my church. This person lives in a supportive apartment program at another agency and after finding this out, I not only wanted to see him at church, but I wanted to work with him.

What is your favorite part of your job?

It’s hard to pick one thing but interacting with the people we support always makes my day, even though I don’t work direct support. The fact that I get to go to their homes for internal audits is always fun too, especially during the more festive times of the year.

Has In Flight helped you towards your professional goals? How?

Yes! Every day I learn something new and even though I’m not a lawyer, I still get to work within laws and regulations.

Learn how In Flight, Inc. can empower you while you empower people with intellectual and developmental disabilities like Meaghan Dressel!

Update – 1/29/2024

Congratulations Meaghan on your promotion to Assistant Director of Compliance! We are so proud and excited to see you in this new role.