Sensory Room Murals

Transforming Spaces: A Vibrant Update to Catskill’s Sensory Room

Our Catskill Day Habilitation Program’s sensory room has recently undergone an amazing transformation that not only enhances the physical space but also provides a therapeutic and engaging environment for the people we support.

The Vision Behind the Project

The driving force behind the update comes from Meghan, the passionate manager of Catskill Day Habilitation. The sensory rooms in our day habilitation programs were originally the brain-child of our Clinical Team after noticing a need to have a designated area to aid in behavioral health. Sensory rooms provide a space where people can stimulate their senses, aiding in combating behavioral challenges. Because of the generous funding from the Ascienzo Family Foundation, we were able to create these needed spaces. However, as time passed, Meghan noticed how the individuals receiving services under her management could benefit from additional stimuli geared toward their interests. This person-centered initiative was welcomed with open arms to ensure the growth of our individuals.

Beach and Water-Themed Murals

The folks at our Catskill Day Habilitation program love the beach and ocean just as much as they love creating art. Through a collaborative effort between the people we support and our staff, they covered the walls with paintings of ocean creatures and beach activities. This collaborative mural has turned once-plain walls into a serene space. By having everyone join in on creating this sensory space, it adds to everyone’s sense of place in the room which is meant to bring peace. Moreover, the collaborative effort in creating the murals fosters a sense of ownership and connection.

The Addition of Tactile Sensory

These murals are more than just colorful paintings – they are a key addition to the room’s ability to provide a therapeutic experience. Meghan incorporated various textures onto the walls using varying painting techniques and items such as clay to offer a realistic and diverse sense of touch to each image. She, thus, created her version of a textured sensory wall. These diverse textures serve as a tactile element, allowing individuals to engage with the surfaces for a calming and grounding experience. Moreover, these textures also engage in fine and gross motor skill growth, providing additional therapy in the room. Whether it’s a smooth, cool surface or a more textured and warm feel, the sensory room now provides a range of options to meet diverse preferences and needs.

Looking to the Future

With this beautiful new addition to the Catskill Day Habilitation sensory room, we aim to grow the space even more to provide the utmost support. Meghan hopes to add both a sand area and a water table to enhance the tactile stimuli and fine motor skills. Additionally, there is still room for more on the ceiling and floor to encompass the entirety of the space.

To realize these exciting plans and continue improving the sensory room, we invite you to contribute to our cause. Your support, whether through donating items or money, will play a crucial role in expanding the possibilities within this space. Together, we can create an even more enriching environment for the individuals we serve. Join us in making a lasting impact and transforming the Catskill Day Habilitation sensory room into an even more vibrant and supportive haven.


In Flight, Inc.’s commitment to enriching the lives of individuals with intellectual and developmental disabilities is exemplified through projects like the transformation of the Catskill Day Habilitation sensory room. Meghan’s vision and the collaborative efforts of the people we support and the staff have turned this space into a haven of relaxation, stimulation, and creativity. As we continue to prioritize the well-being of those we serve, these innovative updates reflect our dedication to providing meaningful and empowering experiences.