A Year of Growth in our Sexuality and Relationship Course

Valentine’s Day is not just about romantic relationships; it’s also a celebration of all forms of love and connection. At In Flight, Inc., we’ve witnessed a remarkable journey of growth and empowerment through our year-long Sexuality and Relationship course conducted by our esteemed clinical team. This monthly gathering, spanning from January 2023 to December 2023, became a platform for individuals with intellectual and developmental disabilities to explore and enhance their understanding of relationships, boundaries, and self-discovery.

Relationship Course

Exploring Boundaries and Introductions

The journey began with a focus on appropriateness in getting to know others. We delved into the intricacies of introductions, emphasizing the importance of respecting personal boundaries. Through engaging discussions and practical exercises, participants learned valuable skills for establishing connections while maintaining mutual respect.

Navigating the Complexities of Dating

Our class moved on to discuss the nuances of dating, exploring what makes a potential partner a good fit. Addressing sensitive topics such as abuse and recognizing when someone isn’t the right fit empowered our participants to make informed choices in their relationships. Practical scenarios and role-playing exercises provided a safe space for learning and growth. In example, one session had a mock, speed date.

Building Supportive Relationships

An integral part of the class involved exercises where participants practiced offering relationship advice to friends in need. This collaborative approach fostered a supportive community within the class, with individuals openly discussing relationship issues and seeking guidance from their peers. “As the class progressed, we saw the people we support become more and more comfortable in the material and work closer together. They became great supports for each other and would openly discuss relationship issues and seek advice,” shared Dr. Sarah Branham, our Vice President of Clinical Services, who orchestrated the course. “One of my favorite memories was watching some of our shyer attendees become more confident. We had each person present a topic and when he stood in front of the class, his classmates cheered him on and he spoke loud and clear! It was a wonderful experience to watch the class help each other grow.”

Understanding Relationship Rights

Relationship Course
Relationship Course

Empowering individuals with the knowledge of their rights in relationships was a pivotal aspect of our curriculum. In example, they participated in learning first date dos and don’ts and discussions on cheap date ideas. The class emphasized the importance of staying true to oneself while navigating the complex landscape of relationships.

Navigating Sexuality with Confidence

As the class progressed, we delved into topics surrounding sexuality, discussing rights when entering sexual relationships, and the choice to abstain. Honest conversations about body language helped participants understand the subtle cues that contribute to open and closed communication during dates

Relationship Course

Individualized Growth

The class concluded with a survey, encouraging participants to reflect on areas where they could benefit from individualized skill training. This personalized approach ensures that each individual continues to grow and thrive in their unique journey

Universal Right to Love

The Sexuality and Relationship course at In Flight, Inc. exemplified the transformative power of education and open dialogue. As we celebrate Valentine’s Day, let us recognize the universal right to love and meaningful connections. This class has not only empowered individuals with intellectual and developmental disabilities but has also created a supportive community where everyone’s journey towards fulfilling relationships is celebrated. Read more about the importance of this course in our previous blog post – Innate Human Desire of Relationships Include People With Disabilities