Fundraise for In Flight

Embarking on a journey of compassion and impact is a powerful way to make a difference. In Flight, Inc., a nonprofit organization dedicated to empowering individuals with intellectual and developmental disabilities, offers a unique opportunity for you to become a catalyst for positive change. As a member of our community, you have the power to make dreams take flight. We invite you to join us in this transformative mission by initiating your fundraiser or creating a Facebook fundraiser.

Fundraise through Facebook

Creating a Facebook fundraiser amplifies your impact by leveraging the power of social networks. It enables you to easily connect with friends, family, and colleagues, inviting them to be part of this inspiring cause. Every contribution, whether big or small, becomes a building block in constructing a future where everyone, regardless of ability, can thrive.

Fundraise Another Way

Creating your own event or collecting donations are just a few examples of how you can host a third-party fundraiser. Share how you would like to fundraise for In Flight by submitting the downloadable form above to Jill Rodriquez.

Together, we can create a world where individuals with intellectual and developmental disabilities soar to new heights, fulfilling their aspirations and leading fulfilling lives. Start your third-party fundraiser today and be the wind beneath their wings, propelling them toward a brighter and more inclusive future.

Catylists for Change!

Read how your fellow community members have empowered In Flight and their fellow community members through their fundraising efforts!

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