Leave a Legacy

Planned giving is a testament to the profound belief in our cause and the enduring impact that resonates through time. It's more than a donation; it's a legacy that propels us forward into the boundless possibilities of the future.

The Essence of Planned Giving

Planned giving, also known as legacy giving, involves integrating a charitable gift into your financial or estate planning. It is a strategic way to support In Flight, enabling you to make more substantial contributions than what might be possible through your regular income. Whether through bequests, trusts, or annuities, planned gifts are the pinnacle of forward-thinking philanthropy.

Why Consider Planned Giving?

The Impact on In Flight

Planned gifts are a game-changer for us. They provide a stable, predictable source of funding that helps us plan for the long term and invest in innovative projects and programs. Here's how your legacy could make a difference:

  • Innovation in Action: Your gift could pioneer cutting-edge development of innovative programing.
  • Education and Outreach: Planned gifts extend our impact, bringing educational programs and resources to communities far and wide.
  • Sustainability: With a secure financial future, we can focus on tailored growth of our person-centered programing

How to Get Started

  1. Talk to Your Financial Advisor: Discuss your goals with a professional who can help you understand the benefits of planned giving.
  2. Decide on Your Gift: Consider what form of gift aligns best with your situation—be it a will bequest, a life insurance policy, or a charitable trust.
  3. Contact In Flight: Our team is here to assist you in the process and answer any questions you might have about making your planned gift a reality.

Your Legacy Takes Flight

Choosing to include In Flight in your estate planning is a powerful statement of belief in our mission. It's a partnership that transcends time, leaving a legacy of hope, progress, and inspiration.

Planned giving is a journey we embark on together, one that promises a brighter future for all those we support at In Flight. Your legacy can lift us to new altitudes of success and service. Let's chart a course for tomorrow, today.

Ready to take the next step?

Contact us to learn more about how your planned gift can make a lasting impact. Our dedicated team is ready to guide you through the process and help you achieve your philanthropic goals.

Leave a Legacy: Make an Impact in the Lives of our Folks

Leave a Legacy

"I have a beautiful life. I have a cleaning job at one of the In Flight, Inc. offices in Red Hook. Also, I receive services right through In Flight such as SEMP, Supported Employment Program. I know how to speak up for myself at In Flight, Inc. I-SAIL. I do like my people there. Also, I learn job skills and volunteering. I would like to work at a Comic Store and I could own a tiny house someday." - Donna