Equestrian Therapy with Breezy Lawn Farms

Equestrian Therapy to be Provided by Breezy Lawn Farms

In Flight’s Catskill Day Habilitation Program is thrilled to announce a new collaboration with Breezy Lawn Farms to provide Equestrian Therapy for our individuals. This exciting initiative, made possible by a generous grant from the Catskill Community Center, began on June 10th and will continue until the onset of winter weather.

What is Equestrian Therapy?

Equestrian Therapy involved interactions with horses that foster physical, emotional, and mental well-being. For people with intellectual and developmental disabilities, working with animals has shown a decrease in challenging behaviors. Research indicates that working with animals can significantly reduce stress and promote overall mental health. Moreover, engaging with horses helps individuals develop communication and employable skills, making this program particularly beneficial for our community.

Why Equestrian Therapy?

“Horses have a special gift, a healing gift,” states Molly Proper, owner of Breezy Lawn Farms. “A horse is more than just an animal. A horse is a partner, somebody to learn on, to open up to, and to express how you’re feeling and they listen.” Molly’s personal experiences with Equestrian Therapy inspired her to start Breezy Lawn Farms, aiming to offer this healing to others while also rescuing horses in need of a safe home.

The Journey So Far

Our Catskill Day Habilitation participants have already had a couple of fantastic sessions at Breezy Lawn Farms. On the first day, participants were introduced to the horses and engaged in a fun scavenger hunt. They learned the basics of horse care, including feeding and grooming. The highlight was giving treats to the horses and meeting most of the stable residents. Excitement filled the day as everyone began to form bonds with these gentle animals.

This year, our participants enjoyed their second day at the farm. They focused on safety skills including how to approach a horse to avoid their blind spot. Additionally, they learned the importance of staying calm and quiet in the barn to avoid spooking the horses. Furthermore, they delved deeper into the horses’ dietary needs, learning about feeding routines, and the specific medications some horses require.

This collaboration not only provides therapeutic benefits but also equips the people we support with valuable skills. We look forward to many more enriching sessions at Breezy Lawn Farms, fostering trust, and creating lasting memories.

Stay tuned for more updates on our journey with Breezy Lawn Farms and the wonderful experiences our participants continue to have in this transformative program.