Award Winner - Mack Dan Lewis and Bill Powers

Award Winner: Heart of a DSP & Star of Excellence

Award Winner - Mack Dan Lewis and Bill Powers
Award Winners Mack “Dan” Lewis and Bill Powers alongside Dr. Sarah Branham and CEO Matthew G Bateman

Heart of a DSP Award in Memory of Jon Thomas Tolbert

Jon Thomas Tolbert was a dedicated and exceptional DSP at In Flight. Sadly, Jon passed in October of 2023. Jon’s heart was bigger than most of us could ever wish for. He always had a kind or inspiring word for his friends and family. He walked the example of how we should treat our fellow humans – with love and kindness. Jon’s care and compassion was always accompanied with his wise-cracking jokes. Jon’s greatest impact was in the support he provided to one of our individuals. For over five years he worked directly with the person we support in our Community Habilitation department. However, whether on or off duty, he was impacting his fellow community. Not only did he volunteer his time at other organization, he took the time to help anyone in need. This award is given to any DSP at In Flight that embodies the same principles and characteristics.

Jon Thomas Tolbert
Jon Thomas Tolbert

2023 Heart of a DSP Award Winner – Mack “Dan” Lewis

Mack “Dan” Lewis embodies such characteristics as Jon. Not only does Dan provide exceptional person-centered services to those we support but is active and productive community member. He embodies integrity and promotes positive relationships with everyone he encounters. This award not only recognizes Dan’s commitment to the people we support but the change he has made in the individuals he has worked with directly for decades. Learn more about Dan’s story on the latest episode of Tea Time with TC.

Star of Excellence Award In Memory of Bonnie Hoeft

Bonnie Hoeft

Bonnie Hoeft was an exceptional leader and wonderful CFO of In Flight until her passing in May 2019. She was a dedicated professional who modeled professional behavior in all aspects. She worked hard and always supported and recognized the good work in others. Bonnie was focused and committed, while always keeping work fun with her great sense of humor. She stood up for what’s right and was a strong force for good, on behalf of everyone at In Flight. Bonnie made a lasting impact at In Flight and has been deeply missed since her passing. Not only have we dedicated this award in her memory, but our annual holiday decorating contest as well. This award goes to honor any non direct support professional who embodies her qualities of innovation, advocacy, as well as being a role model for displaying a positive attitude and keeping work fun.

2023 Star of Excellence Award Winner – Bill Powers

Award winner Bill Powers embodies similar qualities to Bonnie. Not only does Bill go above and beyond his job duties in our Facilities department but he collaborates with multiple departments on a daily basis in support of our individuals. This award not only recognizes Bills commitment to the quality and the time he puts in to his job but the joy, effort, and true love he has for In Flight and those we support.

Thank you!

In recognition for all that they do, Matthew Bateman, CEO of In Flight, Inc. presented these awards at our Holiday Party. There, Dan and Bill were surrounded by applause from both their fellow coworkers and the individuals they support on a daily basis. Additionally, Matthew shared a wonderful speech explaining the awards and how each recipient embodied these characteristics. At the conclusion, both award winners, Bill and Dan, shared a few words in response.