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In Flight, Inc. provides a variety of individualized and person-centered services for people with intellectual and developmental disabilities throughout Dutchess, Ulster, Columbia and Greene Counties. (...more)

Community Habilitation is a one-to-one service, designed to be person centered to meet specific needs of each person we support. Direct Support Professionals (DSPs) work with people on building skills, accomplishing goals and enhancing their level of independence at home and in the community. Com Hab is offered to children and adults who live at home with a family member or in an uncertified independent apartment.

Community Habilitation 'R' is an individualized habilitative service provided to adults who live in certified programs. This service is typically offered in lieu of group day program alternatives. Com Hab 'R' provides an opportunity for individualized goals, person-centered activities and integration within the community. Com Hab 'R' Direct Support Professionals work collaboratively with the residential program to enhance the lives of the people they mutually support.

Respite is a one-to-one service that coordinates trained DSPs to provide continuity of care for a child or adult with an intellectual disability, so the family member can take a much-needed break from the day to day routine. Services are typically provided at home, but at times can also be in the community. Respite is offered to family members of children and adults with intellectual disabilities who currently live at home. In Flight’s respite services are provided face-to-face in the person’s home throughout our four-county service area.

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In Flight operates Day Habilitation programs in Catskill and Ghent, NY. We service and support men and women with unique strengths and needs. As a person-centered program, we accomplish this by offering a variety of activities, tailored to encourage exploration of their personal interests. (...more)

Our Direct Support Professionals (DSPs) assist the people we support to broaden life skills, explore their community and develop interpersonal relationships in order to achieve success in their personal endeavors - all while creating a fun and enjoyable environment.

Day-Hab activities include: going to museums, apple picking, attending local fairs and farmer markets, tending to their own garden, arts and crafts and cooking. Twice a month, music therapy is provided for those interested. Some play instruments, while others sing along.

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The In Flight Success Academy for Independent Living (ISAIL) is a unique training program for young people with developmental disabilities, who have been deemed ready to transition to independent living in the community. (...more)

We are a 'Day Hab Without Walls', that works with our students in skill development in the areas of employability, independent apartment living and socialization, as well as community integration

Meeting daily for 4 or 5 hours, our lessons are interactive, and we enjoy being out in the community. We provide opportunities to volunteer in the area and enjoy taking advantage of the community centers to get exercise.

ISAIL has locations in Catskill, Greene County and Red Hook, Dutchess County.

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Supported Employment (or 'SEMP') offers person-centered support to individuals seeking competitive employment, helping individuals to explore and develop, obtain and maintain a paid, competitive job in their community. (...more)

The goal of SEMP services is to promote and develop in individuals complete independence in the competitive community workspace, through support and skill-building, taking more of a "back seat" as the individual's confidence and comfort levels increase.

Support through SEMP can include an extended paid internship through employee training programs, along with intensive and extended, long-term job coaching.

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Serving adults in a variety of community-based settings, the Residential program is defined by a person-centered drive for innovation in the quest for the developmental achievement of every participant. (...more)

This drive results in homes that fully support our residents in their pursuits of their own qualities of life. Our residents cook, play sports, go to movies, pursue hobbies, and live their lives based on their own choices. These efforts adhere to the tenets of the Home and Community Based Services (HCBS) waiver, that stipulates how we must help foster as much independence as possible for each person, as desired by that person, and based upon the skills and needs of that person.

Through person-centered planning, residential staff, along with the person’s circle of support, assist each person we support in crafting an individualized plan to support their independence. By doing so, we assure comfort in the home with opportunities for meaningful community integration and experiences.