sew.jpgWhy I like I-SAIL

By: Trevon Campbell-Pagan

At ISAIL we made two books. One book is about ISAIL and the other book is about animals. Then we wrote a story about Thanksgiving. Then we wrote a play.

I learned about job interviews and how to make doctor’s appointments. This week we painted a sailboat and drank hot chocolate. That is what we did this week.

Then we go on walks around Red Hook. End of the day my friends and I clean ISAIL. They give us a task to do. One person cleans the bathroom, two people clean the kitchen, one person cleans the front office. And the fourth person cleans the program room.

This is what I really like to do at ISAIL since I first started. Ever since I like to give my friends a task to do and be a leader. I do good at ISAIL.

That’s why I like ISAIL.

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