trevon_thought.jpgTrevon's Thoughts: Alone Time

By: Trevon Campbell-Pagan


My staff member Eric took me into the Village of Saugerties to do my alone time by myself because one of the job coaches said that I need 4 hours of alone time to get a job because that is something I want to do. In the village of Saugerties I'm practicing my alone time, which is what I'm doing right now. I have been doing well with alone time when I have time to be back home. I have an hour that I have right now. First, Eric gave me a time to be back at the van at 1:50 PM. Then I walked around the Village of Saugerties, I went to the gas station like you are going to Price Chopper. I got a Red Bull Energy Frink, Then I went to Stewarts to get a cup of Brownie Cookie Sundae Ice Cream. I went back to the van at 2:50 PM. I learned to do the right thing in the community. I am working on getting more alone time. That I learned.

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