To All, Seasons Greetings:

At this time of year, more than any other time of year, people tend to reflect back on what has transpired during the months preceding. Family, friends; losses, and gains; setbacks and victories. No one is spared from the full range of affectations life delivers. What’s different however, is how we individually respond to life’s challenges and rewards. What do we learn from living? Because we must learn something. Either way, good or bad, we learn something; the trick is, can we use what we learn to diminish the decisions which may result poorly, and perhaps augment the decisions which produce a positive and lasting result? Sounds simple I know, but it is not simple at all.

All things in life do not necessarily even out, a sentiment counterintuitive to the old cliché. You have to realize this certainty; our lives are the culmination of all the decisions we make, or sometimes and more impactfully, decisions which we didn’t make and left to chance. Take control of your ability to direct your life’s pathway. Perhaps make a New Year’s resolution to strongly consider a plan, your plan; your plan to navigate the future as successfully as you want it to be. Or would you prefer to leave it the hands of others? And perhaps others who are not necessarily looking out for your best interest?

I have been writing to you for 12 years now. Typically, about the goings on of the Agency. Through good, through tough, and mostly thanking you for the incredible work you do. And you do incredible work. But these are the times that try our souls. Decisions abound. And sometimes it is difficult to hear the right message through all the noise. But decide we must. What you need to consider is making the right and best choice for you and your loved ones. To me, there is an abundance of opportunity which emerges from adversity. Work hard; work smart; work respectfully; work proudly, and I promise I will continue to provide opportunity to grasp, if it is your choice to grasp it.

I wish you and your loved ones the warmest of holiday good wishes. And cheers to the right decisions we all will try to make in the upcoming New Year.








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