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At In Flight, Inc., we empower individuals with intellectual and developmental disabilities to reach for their hopes and dreams and support a meaningful quality of life.

We believe that everyone deserves an opportunity to live a meaningful life, filled with purpose and independence. One of the ways In Flight is trying to empower people with intellect and developmental disabilities (I/DD), is by knocking down the barriers that are in the way to leading a purposeful and independent life. However, we cannot do it alone.

Empower Independence
Empower Employment
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Empower Growth

The Need

Limitations and unpredictability of government funding are obstacles our programs face when obtaining the resources needed to support a meaningful quality of life. In Flight relies on the generosity and philanthropic support of the community to fill the gap in funding to provide opportunities and tools that will guarantee true independence for people with I/DD.

As an innovator of developmental achievement, In Flight assesses the need for support, acknowledging the barriers to obtain independence for not only the individuals we support but the I/DD community as a whole. Our goal is to knock these barriers down, making our vision of a world where everyone can strive for the best quality of life in a supportive and fulfilling environment. We have broken down these barriers into four categories: Independence, Employment, Inclusion, and Growth.

The Barriers


A survey conducted by the Department of Applied Behavioral Sciences identified the top barriers of people with I/DD striving to live independently, along with addressing how those barriers increase with age. The result showed the greatest barrier to independent living is personal safety (94.7%).


The additional cost of having a disability averages an additional $17,690 more per year. However, statistics show currently only 1 in 3 eligible adults with I/DD are employed. Thus, leading to an unemployment rate of 1.2 million people for those with a disability. While many with disabilities are desiring employment or currently hold employment,


Living with a disability presents a financial burden that significantly impacts the quality of life for individuals with I/DD. This financial strain is especially pronounced when compared to those without disabilities. As a result, the idea of affording the luxuries of a vacation or engaging in hobbies can seem like an unattainable dream.


Individuals with I/DD have specific needs and behavioral challenges that can hinder their physical and mental health. According to the British Journal of General Practice, mental health disorders are 3 to 4 times more common in people with I/DD then the able-bodied population.

How to Knock 'em Down

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Take Charge

Independent Inspiration

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Corporate Inclusion Leader

Own a business? A corporate leadership gift is not just a financial contribution but an investment in the future of individuals with I/DD. By supporting In Flight, you are actively contributing to a society that values inclusivity and independence for all.

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